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The Educational Theatre Association (EdTA) and its philanthropic arm, the Educational Theatre Foundation (ETF), offer several options for financial aid to individuals or troupes wanting to participate in the organization and national events including the International Thespian Festival (ITF) and EdTA National Conference. In addition there are special, one-time-only grants for school theatre programs.

Currently accepting applications:

Thespian Relief Grants are provided by The ETF Thespian Relief program. Two types of grants are offered to assist schools impacted by cancelled productions and budget cuts related to the COVID-19 crisis. Thespian Relief Grants will be offered in cycles through the course of the 2021-22 school year. Grants will be available and distributed monthly, though grant cycles may be longer depending on available funding.

The Fiddler on the Roof Grant covers performance royalties and support resources for middle or high school Thespian troupes to perform Fiddler on the Roof or Fiddler on the Roof JR. through Music Theatre International. Funders Helene and Edward Cole created the grant to help educate students and communities about Jewish heritage and culture. Applications are being accepted for 2021-22 school year (deadline December 1, 2021) and 2022-23 school year (deadline April 1, 2022).

The Doug Finney Festival Grant is a need-based grant given annually to four high school sophomores, juniors, or seniors who are inducted members of the International Thespian Society (ITS). 

The Ronald L. Longstreth International Thespian Festival Grant is a one-time grant for students who are not United States citizens, who reside in a foreign country, and are inducted members of the International Thespian Society (ITS) in a troupe in a foreign country or are active participants in a United States troupe if they are an exchange student. 

The Send a Troupe to International Thespian Festival Grant was created with donations from many generous supporters of the Educational Theatre Association. One current Thespian troupe will receive a one-time grant of up to $10,000 to be used towards basic International Thespian Festival 2022 registration fees for a teacher, inducted Thespians, and appropriate number of chaperones. The application can be submitted by a Thespian troupe director or an inducted Thespian with the approval of the troupe director. Deadline: April 1.

Send a Leader Diversity Grants are awarded to student Thespians with experience in diversity-based leadership, service, and social justice activities, with preference given to students traditionally underrepresented in student leadership. Grants cover registration fees for the 2022 International Thespian Festival (ITF) and the Student Leadership Program. Deadline: April 1.

The Leadership Grant was created by Joe Burnsworth, a former president of the Educational Theatre Association, and provides registration for one student to attend the 2022 International Thespian Festival. Qualifying students are those who have demonstrated leadership through Thespian activities by being a troupe or state chapter officer and have previously participated in the leadership-training program at Festival. Deadline: April 1. 

The Linda P. Wise Grant for Theatre Educators is a $500 grant awarded to EdTA professional members who are also theatre educators and present a well-laid plan for an in-class program in need of financial support. Deadline: January 1. 

The BookTix National Conference Grant covers the basic Conference registration fee for up to seven EdTA members. BookTix inherently believes in supporting theatre educators by providing resources to elevate school productions. To showcase this commitment, BookTix encourages EdTA members to reach a higher level of professional achievement by participating in EdTA’s National Conference and to enhance the knowledge and skills of experienced theatre educators so that they can better contribute to their school, students, and the profession. . 

Interested in serving as an adjudicator? Complete the Adjudicator Application here. Please contact awards@schooltheatre.org with any questions.